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One Love Many Lives!


In June 2016, Laura Renegar and Terri Andrews had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue their combined passion of helping educate women in Jamaica about the importance of early breast cancer detection and treatment. During their week-long visit to Ocho Rios, Laura and Terri, with the support of Terri’s employer, were able to bring mammograms to 200 women in Jamaica. That was the spark that led to the formation of Pink Smile Promise, which strives to continue providing education, compassion and mammograms to Jamaican women.

Pink Smile Promise is a 501(c) (3) organization committed to providing 100 free mammograms and analysis to women in Ocho Rios, Jamaica each year. The organization also provides follow-up ultrasounds when a radiologist recommends further testing. We have also started to have an annual pelvic exam/pap smear day for our women! The premise behind Pink Smile Promise is to provide vital healthcare screening to women who would not have access to them otherwise.  We are excited to serve these beautiful women each year! 

June 2018


We provided 120 mammograms, 11 ultrasounds, 21 pap smears and 3 necessary CT scans. We are providing more mammograms, ultrasounds, and pap smears in June 2019 as we work with the Jamaica Cancer Society.  

Updates, Facts & Figures


We are excited to serve these beautiful women again in June 2019.